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Our Address:
Russian Federation, Moscow, Pilota Nesterova Str., house 18.
Phone: (963) 664-13-18
       (963) 664-13-18

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New:We offer for co-using the scalar frequency analyzer

Production Cooperative "Umbrella"

Sun Microsystems company from sunny California is
of big value in the field of maintenance and
telemetering of GSM mobile systems, today Sun is
included into huge concern Oracle.
since 1998 i am involved into Sun technique
maintenance begining from Enterprise 4000
and OS Solaris 2.5.1, today less people may remember
that OS version of Solaris OS.
during my work in "МТТ" company, I maintained:
SunFire T1000/T2000/T5140 telecommunication -48V
"Netra", picture above shows our rack, in
"Vertical" I maintained: Sunx64 X2250 и SunFire T5220/T5240, with DB Oracle and Apache/Tomcat installed.
DB Oracle and Apache/Tomcat have been installed
manually, SSL compiled from source code.

We propose to make opearational check for Sun Microsystems servers/DB Oracle,MySql, creation of web sites.
We have qualification in field of Linux, Kernel compiling и LAMP (LinuxApacheMySqlPHP) or
SAMP (SolarisApacheMySqlPHP).

Sun/Oracle diploma is here: Sun:

Cooperative "Umbrella" today:

— Radio communications knowledge ;
— Sun Microsystems Servers, Oracle maintenance ;
— Web - pages creation ;
— Used Siemems notebooks from Europe .