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Our Address:
Russian Federation, Moscow, Pilota Nesterova Str., house 18.
Phone: (963) 664-13-18
       (963) 664-13-18

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New:We offer for co-using the scalar frequency analyzer.

Production Cooperative "Umbrella"

- by building telecom systems very big role plays
accordance of passive receive/transmit elements to the government regulations
in Russian Federation this regulator is called "Gossvyaznadzor". The same role plays Standing Wave
Ratio in transmit/receive pathes, affecting quality of telecom.We offer the scalar network analyzer HP8757C, with sweep generator HP8350B, to make measurements in telecom systems, details here:
Analyzer + Generator
Governmet Regulations "РД45" Russian Lang. here:

We propose to make opearational check for Sun Microsystems servers/DB Oracle,MySql, creation of web sites.
We have qualification in field of Linux, Kernel compiling и LAMP (LinuxApacheMySqlPHP) or
SAMP (SolarisApacheMySqlPHP).

List of diploms is here: Diploms:

Cooperative "Umbrella" today:

— Radio communications knowledge ;
— Sun Microsystems Servers, Oracle maintenance ;
— Web - pages creation ;
— Used Siemems notebooks from Europe .