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Russian Federation, Moscow, Pilota Nesterova Str., house 18.
Тел: (963) 664-13-18
       (963) 664-13-18
E-mail: wwin95@narod.ru

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New:We propose to use together scalar network analyzer

Production cooperative "Umbrella"

- from my childhood i liked to play with telecom
technique solder own devces, and learn telecom towers around.
About 10 years i was building GSM stations around
Russian Federation , and in some other countries.
Begin 2009 world is suffering from crisis and not all companies can afford them to have permantn telecom engineers staff, maintencnce of devices is still required.

After 2009 i worked according to contractor's
agreement in different companies, solving database problems Oracle, maintaining Sun Microsystems servers, programming for MySql, repairing PCs by private persons.

We offer executing planned maintanence in radio measurements field, Sun Microsystems/DB Oracle/MySql maintenance, creation of web sites.
We have experince with Linux,Kernel compiling and
LAMP (LinuxApacheMySqlPHP) or SAMP (SolarisApacheMySqlPHP).

List of diploms is here: Diploms:

Cooperative "Umbrella" today:

— Knowledge in Radio communications ;
— Sun Microsystems Servers, Oracle maintenance ;
— Web - pages ;
— Delivery of used Siemens notebooks .